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Weight Loss Update
March 1, 2008

So, last Saturday, I had to work.  Thus, I missed my WW meeting. 

You know, you’d be surprised how hard this past week was without that weekly “pep talk.”  Of course, with it being the last week of the month, it was a stressful week anyway.  And, since I’m an emotional eater I responded to that stress by eating, well at least wanting to eat. 

I did pretty good over the past two weeks, even with the struggles to keep from stuffing my face!   When I got on the scales this morning at WW, I was down 3 lbs. from my last weigh in.   This brings my total in the past four weeks to 12 lbs.

Here’s hoping that next week will be as good.  If I lose 3 lbs. next week, that will bring me to 15 lbs. and my friend Loria will take me to see a movie, my choice.  I’m thinking that I’m going to want to see “Horton Hears a Who.” 

Weight Loss to Date: 9 lbs.
February 16, 2008

So, today was my weigh-in at Weight Watchers. 

This is the second full week that I’ve been back on the program.   I’m not going to lie, it was a bit harder this week.  I actually dipped into my 35 flex points, which I try not to do.  I blame it on Valentine’s Day.   You can only resist chocolate for so long before you give in, even if it is sugar-free.

After a long week of temptation, I’m happy to say that I lost 2 1/2 lbs. this week.  Combined with last week’s 6 1/2 lbs., that brings my total weight loss to 9 lbs. since starting back on the program two weeks ago.

Now, I totally realize that I have a great support system in my family and friends.   My buddy Bryan has actually enlisted people to sponsor my weight loss.  When I reach a sponsored “milestone” one of my friends is going to do something nice for me.  I reach my first milestone at 15 lbs.  My friend Loria has committed to go to a movie with me, my choice.   Various other friends have committed to different things, to help keep me motivated, including being called “LaMar the Great” for 24 hours.

I feel that I have the eating part down, now I just have to work on the exercise part.  Just to be clear, I HATE exercise.  Always have, always will.   However, I know that it is needed not only for my weight loss, but to help me return to a healthy life-style.   Bryan has committed me to doing some sort of physical activity two nights next week.   Again, I realize how lucky I am to have my friends supporting me.

Here’s hoping that I can get to the 15 lb. mark before “Horton Hears a Who” is released.

How the Hell Did THIS Happen? AGAIN?!?!
February 9, 2008

So, honestly, I’ve been fat almost my whole life.

Up until the age of six, I was your “average” kid size.   Not too fat, not too skinny.  Then, during summer of 1978, we went to visit my Gramma in California.  My Gramma was one of those grammas that you see on TV shows like Leave It to Beaver or Mayberry RFD.   At that point, she only had two grandchildren:  me and my brother.   I was six and he was twelve so I got spoiled a bit more and I got to eat ANYTHING I wanted.  That summer, I went from being average sized to being fat.

I stayed in the fat zone all the way through elementary and high school.  For those of you who have been there, you know that this zone is littered with things like Husky Brand jeans (the offical jean of little fat boys), jersey t-shirts (because you don’t have to tuck them in) and lots of Little Debbie snack cakes (I now believe she’s the Anti-Christ).

So, I was a fat kid, who became a fat teenager, who grew up to be a fat adult.   All through high school and college, I was overweight, but I was never morbidly obese.  Then in the late 90’s and early 00’s, I just started packing on the pounds.  At my heaviest, I weighed more than 350 lbs.   At that point, when you weight more than you’ve ever weighed before… when you’re so big that you can’t fit on the rides at an amusement park… when you have to have a seatbelt extender… you have to ask yourself, “How the hell did this happen?”

Then, in September 2005, we joined Weight Watchers.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with WW, it’s not really a diet, it’s an eating plan.  The great thing about WW is that you can eat anything you want, you just have to stay within the guidelines of the program.  Another biggie of the program is to make sure you’re following healthy eating habits: getting enough dairy and veggies, drinking your water, working essential oils into your diet along with vitamins.  I highly recommend the program.  As I lost the weight, one by one, the health problems I had been experiencing  began to disappear: acid reflux, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and even my diabetes.

Between September of 05 and November of 06, I went from 350 to 197.  I lost over a 150 lbs.  When I was at my thinnest, people constantly told me that I was too thin.  I needed to gain some weight.  Well, unfortunately, that’s what I did.   I totally stopped following the healthy eating habits that I learned from WW.  Between December of 06 and last month, I put back on a lot of the weight.  

At the end of January, I took a good look at where I was with my health.  My weight has ballooned up to 286 lbs.   My health problems were returning.  And, I was having to squeeze into my fat pants.    So, I had to ask myself, “How the hell did this happen, AGAIN?”

Well, I knew the answer so I headed back to WW.   I weighed in at 286 lbs and almost died!  OMG!  Well, during the last week, I did my best and stayed within my points allotment on all days except one, and then on that day I only used two of my flex points.   So, when I weighed in this morning, I was very happy to hear that I had lost 6.5 lbs!  I only have 79.5 lbs. left to lose.

Here’s hoping that I won’t be too bitchy during the next year.