Oh my gawd….  how do I describe who I am in just a few words?   AND, do it without sounding like every other person out there?  It may be easier for me to tell you what I’m not….

I am not shy or soft spoken.
I am not quiet or afraid to tell you my opinion.
I am not a straight man, nor am I single.
I am not a Republican (duh).
I am not without my faults or shortcomings.
I am not as skinny as I was this time last year.

Basically, that’s me.  I do love my family and my friends.  I consider my friends to be a part of my family.   Is that trite?  Yeah, but it’s okay because it’s true.

One Response

  1. Yes, that really is you! And it’s never trite to express your love. My family is more my friends than most of my family of origin, except Dad, ever were.

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