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Welcome to the Family
March 9, 2008

So, this morning at 1:30am, I got a call from my brother-in-law.  He and my sister were heading to the hospital for the second time in 24 hours.  This time, the baby WAS coming.

I arrived at the hospital at 3:15 (only 45 minutes later due to daylight savings time going into effect at 2am).   My sister was in a lot of pain due to the fact that the epidural did not work.   That’s right, she had the baby natural.  OUCH!

Since my sister’s best friend could not be there, I was able to be in the delivery room for the birth.  I had been teasing my sister for months that I wouldn’t go into the delivery room due to my fear of seeing her cootch, but let me say that I’m glad that I was there.  It was the most amazing thing in the world to see him within miliseconds of his birth, to hear him cry for the first time, to be one of the first people to hold him, to be the first person he bopped on the nose.  (That’s right, as I’m holding my precious new nephew, he reaches up and bops me right on the nose!)

At 5:55am, my new nephew, Skyler Shane, was born.  He weighed in at a healthy 8lbs, 6ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long.  He seems to be very healthy.  My nephew Steven, who was already a big brother when his dad’s wife had a little girl last year, wanted a little brother so bad.  He was so excited.  He couldn’t be torn away from the nursery viewing window for an hour after the birth.

Below is a picture of him in my arms.


Our family is truely blessed by this addition.   Here’s hoping that we never forget just how blessed we are.

Weight Loss Update
March 1, 2008

So, last Saturday, I had to work.  Thus, I missed my WW meeting. 

You know, you’d be surprised how hard this past week was without that weekly “pep talk.”  Of course, with it being the last week of the month, it was a stressful week anyway.  And, since I’m an emotional eater I responded to that stress by eating, well at least wanting to eat. 

I did pretty good over the past two weeks, even with the struggles to keep from stuffing my face!   When I got on the scales this morning at WW, I was down 3 lbs. from my last weigh in.   This brings my total in the past four weeks to 12 lbs.

Here’s hoping that next week will be as good.  If I lose 3 lbs. next week, that will bring me to 15 lbs. and my friend Loria will take me to see a movie, my choice.  I’m thinking that I’m going to want to see “Horton Hears a Who.”